Keep Your Make Up on Longer!

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Today I am sharing ways and products to keep your make up on longer. I have super oily skin so I have experienced many products that do and don’t work. I have many tips and tricks for you to keep your make up on longer. I am really happy with the time my make up stays on now, so I will share my hacks with you!!
1. Wash your face in the morning, if you don’t already.

If your skin produces oil over night, it will build a layer between your skin and your make up when you apply it. So by washing your face means you have a clean canvas for your make up to really sink in your skin and prolong the wear. This is a really obvious one but some people do not do it and also it won’t only keep your make up on, it will improve your skin.

After using this trick, my makeup does not slide off my face or oxidise as much.

2. Using the right primers.

Using a silicone based primer or one that minimises oil or pores will help reduce the oil. However these can clog your pores, therefore I only use it on my nose. I do recommend Benefit’s Porefessional matte rescue or their toner as the toner tightens pores and minimises oil, even though it is skincare.

3. If your skin is super oily, in the morning, use a hydrating mist instead of a heavy moisturiser.

This will not build a layer of moisture between the make up and your skin. Even using a hydrating mist is better than no moisture in your skin at all. Also this primes the skin really well and my favourite one to use to prime the skin is the Mac fix plus however just to add some moisture I use the First Aid Beauty hydrating mist.

4. Choosing the right makeup.

If you have oily skin go for a matte and long wearing foundation. However, if your skin is dry then go for a dewy but long wearing one. My favourite ever, super long wearing one, is the Estée Lauder double wear. I have been searching for the perfect foundation that stays on for more than 7 hours and this stays on past 10. I love it and I struggle with really oily skin. However, if your skin is dry, Mac studio fix is good.

5. Using the right powder.

I find that using both a pressed powder and a translucent powder really sets my make up into place. As you use translucent powder it does not look over caked with powder. Although, if you do experience your face looking too powdery, use a mist like the ones above.

6. Blotting with either blotting papers, tissue or powder.

About 3 hours after my makeup has been applied, I like to apply a mattifying powder in my t-zone. This will soak up all the oil, preventing oxidisation and makeup slipping. Alternatively, you can use blotting paper or tissue.

That’s all for today!!

I really hope you enjoyed this post and gained something from it. If you would like to see more, let me know in the comments and please like and follow for more daily posts.

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Disclaimer- I have found these from my personal experiences so they might not work for all of you.