Evening Skincare Routine- 2016

Hey everyone!

Today I am sharing my evening skincare routine. It has taken me a while to find the best products for my skin type, so let’s begin!

1. First I always put my hair up in ponytail so it is out of my face.

2. I wipe away my eye makeup with the Nivea 3 in 1 refreshing cleansing wipes. I prefer to wipe my eye makeup off as it is more gentle and easy. Also they don’t irritate my eyes.

3. I wet my face with warm water to open up my pores and I massage in the Soap and Glory peaches and clean face cleanser to remove any makeup.

4. Then I wash this off with a warm washcloth and then massage the Soap and Glory 3 in 1 clarity cleanser.

5. I use this brush from The Body Shop to work it into my skin.

6. I then dry my face and apply the Clinique dramatically different moisturiser.

7. Then I apply the Benefit it’s Potent eye cream with the real techniques pointed foundation brush and my Clarins lip oil and I’m done!! Ready for bed!! Haha.

P.S. These are minis because I like to test out skincare before purchasing full size.


Lip oil-

I really hope you enjoyed this post!! Please comment your skincare routines below!!

Thank you,


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