5 Underrated Make Up Products

Hey everyone!

So today I am sharing 5 of my favourite products, but I don’t think they are talked about enough. Some of these products are popular but still I think they deserve a little more attention. So let’s begin!

1. Real techniques miracle complexion sponge.

This is a hyped product, but it has been compared to the beauty blender a lot, which makes it sound not AS good. It’s £4.99 which is an amazing price, especially for a versatile make up sponge like this one. This is so great at blending make up because of its soft texture, especially when it is damp and with water. I love that it has a flat edge or a rounded/pointed end.

PS. Mine is a couple of months old now.

2. Mac false lashes extreme black mascara.

I don’t really hear much hype going around about this product. However it is absolutely amazing and my all time favourite mascara at the moment. It is not too expensive and was £19 where I got it. I really love this as it isn’t too clumpy at all and it really thickens your lashes and also lengthens and curls them. This is a perfect mascara and there is nothing I could change about this. Also has a really really nice wand, making it easy to apply.

3. Maybelline colour elixirs.

These are high shine lipglosses that are absolutely amazing. They have a nice range of colours and the packaging is absolutely beautiful and looks really expensive. The formula is really long wearing and really, really moisturising. The wand makes it easy to apply and it really does give your lips such a really long wearing shine. I think these are talked about as much as they are a bit older about a year or two old but however they still deserve praise because they are absolutely amazing and I’ve had them for about 1-2 years and I love them so much.

Colours- left- right- Petal Plush, Blush Essence, Hibiscus Haven, Signature Scarlet.

4. Sleek eye and cheek palette- All Day Palette.

This palette comes with two blushes and four eyeshadows. I really like to use this for travelling at is as it is really easy to pack in your bag or suitcase and take it with you. If I am limiting myself on make up when I’m travelling I like to use the brown eyeshadow as a bronzer for contouring and the blush as a highlight. This palette has a beautiful big mirror make an easy to see what you are doing. It is really affordable and I think when I got it it was £9.99. The eyeshadows are really smooth, long wearing, and good quality especially for the price. Also the blush and the highlight is really pigmented and really easy to use. It does come with a mini brush but I lost this and I didn’t think it was worth using as I had other brushes.

5. Nyx Photogenic HD Studio powder.

This is a translucent white powder that makes your skin look absolutely flawless all day and especially when taking photos with flash. This is perfect if you are going on a night out or you know that you’ll be taking some selfies or having a photo shoot. This literally makes your skin look like it has been photoshopped already so there’s no need to do any editing after wearing this. What I really like about it is that it is translucent see you don’t need to worry about what colour you are wearing. This £8.99 at most stores that sell Nyx.

I really hope you enjoyed this post! If you would like to see more then please like. Comment some products that you think are underrated.

Thank you!!

Beauty Suggests xx

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