Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette- First impressions

Hey everyone!

Today’s post is a first impression of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. I have been wanting this palette for a while now, but I told myself I didn’t need any more eyeshadow palettes. Today I finally bought it!


This palette is made of a tin material and it’s around a similar size to the Urban Decay Naked palettes. It isn’t too big or bulky and is the perfect size for staying at home or travelling. This looks just like a chocolate bar and the box it came in looked like a wrapper. The quality of the packaging is not tacky and it is durable.


This palette comes with a variety of 16 beautiful eyeshadows. The base and highlight colour are bigger than the rest because they are probably used more. There are six matte shades and 10 shimmery shades.

Shimmer shades-

Gilded Ganache- Gold toned green.

Black Forest truffle- Wine toned brown with gold, fine glitter.

Marzipan- Champagne nude.

Candied Violet- Navy purple with purple glitter.

Amaretto- Warm, dark brown.

Hazelnut- Neutral brown.

Creme Brulee- Gold.

Haute Chocolate- Dark brown.

Cherry Cordial- Purple/Wine.

Champagne Truffle- Pink/Champagne toned white.

Matte shades-

White Chocolate- White/Cream base.

Milk Chocolate- Neutral-Cool light brown.

Triple Fudge- Dark brown.

Salted Caramel- Warm light brown.

Semi-Sweet- Neutral- Mid brown.

Strawberry Bon Bon- Light pink.


These eyeshadows are SO SO pigmented. You need to use the tiniest amount and it goes a long, long way.

This will make the palette last so much longer.

Price- £39.

A quick natural look.  

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