Brother Guesses Make Up Items!

Hey everyone!

So today’s post is an idea that someone did with their boyfriend. So I decided to try it with my brother because it would be fun!!

Concealer– Sonething that covers spots.

Foundation- It makes your face smoother.

Powder- To make you look tanned.

Bronzer- To make your make up tanned.

Contour(matte bronzer)– To make your nose stand out.

Blusher- To make you have cheekbones.

Highlighter- To make your eyelids brighter.

Eyeshadow- To give your eyelids a tone of colour.

Eyeliner- To make your eyes stand out.

Mascara- To make your eyelashes bigger and longer.

Lip liner- To make your lips stand out.

Lipstick- Gives your lips a different colour.

Lipgloss- Makes your lips shinier.

I really hope you enjoyed today’s post post as I really liked making it!!

Thank you for reading!!

I am also thinking of doing a Q and A so please leave questions below or on my social media.

Thank you,

BeautySuggests xx.

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