Everyday Brow Routine

Hey everyone!

Today’s post is an everyday Eyebrow routine. I like to keep it simple and it changes often but here it is as of 13/7/16.

1. I like to brush my brows with a spoolie brush to get them in a position that I would like them in.

2. The first product I use is my Mac brow pencil in Fling. This is such a fine and defining pencil that it can tweak any small detail that you like. I have recently found myself coming back to this a lot.

3. Next I use the Benefit Gimme Brow Gel to set my them in place and make them look more natural by adding small, almost invisible fibres. This is amazing however the tube is super small for £17-£18.

4. I always do my eyebrows before my eyeshadow, so this is my No7 cream eyeshadow which I use as a base anyway. I use this to clean up the edges of my brows and highlight underneath. I love this product so much as it is so creamy and lightweight.

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