BareMinerals Refillable Brush

Hey everyone!

Today’s post is a review of the BareMinerals refillable brush.

I was so excited to purchase this a while ago and I finally got it for £22 last year.


This is a black matte retractable brush. It has a lid and is very travel and home friendly.


The bristles are dense and there are a lot of them. I must admit that it is not the softest brush in the world but they are quite soft.

Powder Entrance

The loose powder is to be poured into a transparent container that fits inside the brush. It is very easy to do this.

Powder Exit

The powder barely comes out of the top of brush and doesn’t make a difference. I was quite disappointed with this as I love the concept. I keep playing around with different loose powders to see if it makes a difference.


Overall, I am in between being just satisfied or disappointed in this brush. It does not let barely any if none powder come out the brush. However, it is still usable as a normal makeup brush.

Thanks for reading!!

BeautySuggests xx.




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2 thoughts on “BareMinerals Refillable Brush

  1. tricksandtrucco says:

    This concept is always so interesting to me! Part of me thinks it’s cool, but the other part wonders how efficient it is and if it uses too much product, as well as how you would go about cleaning this kind of brush! Great post 🙂

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