Soap and Glory Make Up

Hey everyone!

Many people say they need to try Soap and Glory’s makeup, and it’s true!

I have been trying the brand’s bath and body and makeup products for a couple of years, and today I’m telling you if it’s all worth it!

Colour Corrector- Fake Awake

I recently purchased this and I did a first impressions on it. I love this however it has a very oily texture, so the face ones would not suit me.

I think their kick ass concealers are also oily because I know a friend that has one and she says it is. However I think these are great and they are 8 pounds in boots.

SuperCat Liner

This is a liquid, felt tip eyeliner pen. This is a very deep black colour as it says on the packaging. I have had this eyeliner for awhile and I know I should chuck it out soon but it’s still not dried out which I am really, really impressed with and I’ve never known a eyeliner to last as long. The end is quite good for doing flicks although for me I prefer very, very fine tips when I’m doing cat eyes or flicks. However, this is a really great eyeliner definitely worth every penny.

Thick and Fast Mascara

This mascara has a very wet formula so it takes a while to dry. I absolutely love this mascara though and is definitely something great to have a in your make up collection. The packaging is brilliant and the brush is also really thick but not too big or not too small. I am so impressed with this mascara as it really gives amazing affect. It makes your lashes look absolutely amazing and there is no bad thing about this product.

Overall, I think soap and glory is a great make up brand a little bit more pricey than normal drugstore brands are definitely very affordable. All the products I have tried which is actually more than this but I only showed you a few of these are absolutely amazing and definitely worth every penny.

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BeautySuggests xx.



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