Benefit PoreFessional Matte Rescue

Hey everyone!

Today’s post is a review on the Benefit PoreFessional Matte Rescue. I have mentioned this in some of my posts and a few of you guys have said you really wanted it. So I thought I would share my thoughts anyway!

Brand: Benefit

Price: £21.50

What is it?

This is a makeup base/primer that mattifies the face and reduces the appearance of pores.


-Nice Packaging

-A nice amount of product

-Mattifies the face lightly

-Smooths makeup

-Reduces the appearance of pores

-A little goes a long way

-Cooling sensation

-Doesn’t mattify fully(I have oily skin)

-Doesn’t really make a difference in longwear of the makeup


Overall this a great product with a cooling sensation and a lightweight feel. I do recommend this if you are looking for a new primer as a little goes a long way.

Thank you,

BeautySuggests xx.




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