10 Oval Brushes For £15?

Hey everyone!

Today’s post is a review on some fake oval brushes I bought from EBay a while ago. I have given some time to test them out properly. This set comes with 10 brushes which vary in size from small to large. I don’t tend to use the small ones much as they are a bit denser.

The colour I got was gold but I heard from someone else that they were more rose gold so I was happy with that.

I ordered them on a Sunday and they came the Thursday after that. I was pretty happy with  that and I tested them out right away.

So, what were my first impressions?

When I first used the brush for my face I immediately thought, wow coverage!! I was pleasantly surprised with how much it added to my foundation and made my face look smooth.


-Super Soft
-Blends So Quickly
-Blends Amazingly
-Gives A Great Coverage Finish


-Some(Very Rarely) Stray Hairs Come Out, But Not When Blending

Would I recommend them?

I would 100% recommend these brushes for the price and quality. I wouldn’t really invests on the real ones unless I had the money to do so but I think these are fab. They are some of my favourite makeup brushes to use.

Thank you so much for reading this and I hope you enjoyed it!! If you would like any more information or answers to any questions then please comment!!

Thank you,

BeautySuggests xx.

Collabs or anything else, beautysuggests@yahoo.com

Instagram and Twitter- @BeautySuggests

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