5 More Underrated Beauty Products

Hey everyone!

So as you all love my first one of these, I thought I would do another one! Click here for the first one.

1. Seventeen Stay Time Foundation

Seventeen is a boots own brand, if you didn’t know so I’m sorry if you cannot get this, but if you know a boots near you, I definitely recommend checking this out. This foundation has a finish that compares to the Estee Lauder Double Wear but of course not as long wearing. It is the most long wearing drugstore one I have found, and I can tell you, I’ve tried many. I used to use this everyday but the colour on the Estee Lauder foundation matched me better as I was in between two shades really. However, I love this foundation and I will continue to use this when I’m a little more tanned.


2. Maybelline Big Eyes Light Catching Palette- 01 Luminous Brown

I haven’t used this an awful lot recently, but I found it again and remember how much I love it. This tiny eyeshadow palette comes with 4 shades- A shimmery white, A shimmery champagne colour, A shimmery dark brown colour and A shimmery orange which comes out with a hint of gold. The colours are so pigmented and shimmery, which is great for the price and brand. This is a perfect quad, great for travelling.





3. No7 Smoothing Eye Shadow- Pretty Pink

Again, this was an older purchase but a few weeks ago I discovered it again and i absolutely love it! I use it under my everyday eyeshadow to make it glow and more highlighted and it makes such a difference. Definitely recommend.


4.Maxfactor Lipstick- English Rose

This lipstick actually made it into my favourite lipsticks at the moment (July 2016). It is in between a light rosy pink and a hot pink but its beautiful. It has a chrome sort of finish which I love. I don’t usually wear brighter colours, but this one is so much more wearable. It has more of a cooler toned finish rather than warmer, but it isn’t that obvious.


5. Benefit Dandelion Lip Gloss

With mattes and liquid lipsticks being in right now, glosses don’t get that much attention. This gloss is the least stickiest one I have ever worn or tried which I am so happy about. The colour and glossiness stays on for hours and it smells amazing, but not too overwhelming.

Thank you so much for reading, hope you enjoyed!!

Thank you,

BeautySuggests xx.

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