Benefit Tinted Lip Balms

Hey everyone!
So for a while now, I have been using the benefit tinted lip balms. There is still one more but I need to get which is the orange coral colour but for now I am sticking with three that I have. I absolutely love these lip balms and today I’m going to share my thoughts on them with you.

They are tinted lip balms that have matching lip and cheek tints/stains.


This is a red tinted lip balm that has great yet sheer pigmentation. You are supposed to pair it with the tint that matches it which is also the same colour. This is brilliant if you don’t like wearing red lipsticks but you still want to have that pop of a red colour or want to experiment with more brighter colours. The colour stays on quite long which is brilliant especially as it is a balm.


Also having a matching tint, this is a purple/pink toned balm. The colour shows a lot but is not too overwhelming. This is one of the more natural colours of them all and I 100% think it is great if you are looking for an everyday lipstick to wear with any outfit and look.


This is definitely the most natural balm with it’s tint. It looks bright but when you apply it is so subtle and beautiful. This is my most worn balm with the tint and is my favourite although the others are not far behind it.


These are definitely worth every penny for their packaging, scent and colour. Benefit never let me down.

Thank you so much,

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