Brow Gels- Benefit VS Maybelline

Hey everyone!

So brow gels can be very hard to find and some of them, are quite expensive. Sometimes you may not want to spend the full price on something unless you know it’s worth it.

I have tried one from Maybelline and it is not the same as gimme brow, but it has it’s positives and negatives.

Everyday Brow Routine Here.

HOLD- How well does it hold your brows in place?

Benefit- It doesn’t hold them all day, but keeps the colour in.

Maybelline- It holds them all day, keeping the colour.

FILLING THEM IN- Does it add any fibres or powder?

Benefit- It adds fibres.

Maybelline- Not that I can see.

BRUSH- What is the size and shape of the brush?

Benefit- The brush is small, flat and precise, good for any eyebrow size and shape.

Maybelline- The brush is big but spherical which is interesting but cool.

FORMULA- What is the formula like and how does it differ?

Benefit- The formula keeps your eyebrows soft when it’s on.

Maybelline- The formula can feel a little thick and kind of crispy.


Benefit- The tube dries out quite quickly, meaning that you have to repurchase it more but I think it is definitely better.

Maybelline- The tube definitely doesn’t dry out as quickly at all but I prefer the formula of the Benefit one, however to save some money, check this one out.

Thank you so much for reading,

BeautySuggests xx.




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