Too Faced Chocolate Melted Lipsticks

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Today’s post is a review on the Too Faced Chocolate Melted Lipstick. I have the colour Chocolate Milkshake.


Chocolate Milkshake is a orange toned nude with a hint of coral. This colour is certainly buildable but can be applied sheer as well. The colours in this range go from dark nudes to browns, inspired by chocolate.


The finish of these liquid lipsticks are not matte but not glossy. I would say they are a satin finish. They are more on the matte side of satin. I think the finish is the same/ similar to the original melted lipsticks.


The formula of these liquid lipsticks are not drying at all. They leave my lips feeling absolutely fine. However, they are not very moisturising either, so my lips just feel normal after wearing it. Nonetheless, everyone is different.


Unfortunately, these lipsticks are not as long wearing as I would like, especially for the price. If you eat, it is most likely to come off. However, if you do not eat, it may last a couple of hours. The colour may stay on for a little bit, but you can tell it is going patchy, which is a shame.

The short wear is what is keeping me from buying another one at the moment, but I may try another soon when I am looking for a splurge.

Overall, I do like these but the wear puts me down. They are worth a purchase if you are looking for a new liquid lipstick then you should check these out. The colour range is huge online and they are beautiful.

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14 thoughts on “Too Faced Chocolate Melted Lipsticks

  1. beautyholics101 says:

    These look so pretty though! It really is a shame about the wear time, I feel like they definitely should be more long wearing for the price. The product does look very pretty on your lips though, which is a good sign! Thanks for posting 🙂 and congratulations on so many followers!

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  2. WineAndWhine says:

    I love the neutral shade of these but if they dont last long thats quite pointless. I bought my friend the chocolate palette and she loves it x

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  3. Carrie's Beauty Pouch says:

    I guess I will probably have to think about it again. The packaging is so cute and the shades are so pretty. But if it is not long-wearing, for a high-end products, I don’t know… 😂😂 I think I will still give it a try since I am a makeup junkie.

    Awesome review! Thanks for sharing your honest opinions ❤ You need more blogger like you 😊

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