How I Grow My Nails Fast- Products and Tips!

Hey everyone!

For around a year now, my nails have been a great length that I love. It took me a few months to grow my nails but I got there. I know a lot of people want longer nails but tell themselves they can’t, well I’m going to show you how to!

Here are the ways I used and still use to grow my nails out, grow them when they break and keep them healthy.

PS. I am not at all a professional, these are just some things that I have learnt myself and would like to share.


Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle

As said in the name of this product, this is a miracle in a bottle. You apply it every other day, under nail polish, over or on it’s own and it boosts the nail growth. It takes around two weeks or over to see a difference, but that’s a really short time to make your nails grow longer.

This is basically a clear nail polish that dries in a reasonable amount of time that you apply to your whole nails. If you are looking to grow all of your nails one length, make sure to apply it to all every time but if you are looking to grow a broken nail, apply it to the one.

This will only work if you do not bite your nails as you will not see a difference. To be honest, that’s pretty self explanatory if you ask me. Trust me, I am 99% sure this will work for you if you give it time and you keep it consistent. Otherwise, it won’t work. Also, don’t think it will happen overnight.

The Body Shop Almond Nail and Cuticle Oil

To boost nail growth and to grow them quickly, it is important to keep your nails and cuticles moisturised. This is so easy to apply; all you need to do it turn the bottom of it and the product will click out of the top onto the little brush, then you sweep it over you nail and cuticle.

Not only does this product smell amazing, it really works for helping boost nail growth and to keep them healthy.

Nail Clippers

This may sound like a complete NO for growing your nails but, in order for them to be healthy and for them to grow into the shape you want them to be, not leaving them too long is a must because they will break and become even shorter, leaving you at the beginning again. You kind of have to take baby steps.

As I like my nails to have a square edge and not round, I use straight nail clippers. Find them here, they definitely help if you prefer square nails.



Make a board on pinterest of beautiful nail art designs or nails that you think are goals and this will hopefully motivate you to grow your nails out so it can look like the pictures. This may sound stupid, but it works for fitness and many more things.

Check out my pinterest and my nail board for all pictures of beautiful nail designs from other people for a little motivation. If you follow me, I may follow you back!

Use hand cream!

Using hand cream will keep not only your nails healthy, but your hands too. Again, just like the nail and cuticle oil, this can boost nail growth.

Moreover, who doesn’t want soft and smooth skin.

Keep your nails painted!

When my nails are painted, I always bite them less, especially when they are painted a beautiful colour that I love. Obviously, this is a quick and easy way and it almost always prevents me from biting my nails.


If you normally bite your nails from boredom when doing something or sitting around, then doodle instead. This is one of the main reasons why I bit my nails and this definitely helped.

Obviously, there are way more ways to grow your nails so if you want to see more then let me know. Also, comment your tips to let others know.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope this helped!

BeautySuggests xx.



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4 thoughts on “How I Grow My Nails Fast- Products and Tips!

  1. whatadrianathinks says:

    I bought that Sally Hasen nail growth but I continue to bite my nails 😩 if I have them painted I won’t bite them but once they start chipping and I don’t have that time I bite them.
    Great post! 🙂

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  2. WineAndWhine says:

    If my nails are painted they grow beautifully long but without they can be short as stubs! I think its just because i am lazy and dont want to ruin all that hard work and time i spent painting them, but if it works it works!x

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