How I Stay Organised With Blogging + Announcement!

Hey everyone!

Today’s post is something that may help you all if you are struggling to keep up with posts every so often or you struggle making your posts long enough. Also, I have a huge announcement so read on!

Blog Post Planners

To plan my posts and always make sure I have something to write about, I use blog post planners. I use the ones that are available on on MY SHOP. That’s right, I have designed and made printable blog planners for anyone to buy, download and print as many times as you like! There are only a few up there at the moment but there are so much more to come.

Each printable costs £1 and you can print it as many times as your heart desires! There is 3 colours of each design at the moment and you can buy all 3 in a bundle for £2.50, 50p cheaper than buying them separately.

I would really appreciate if you would like to buy them because I know it will help you a whole bunch! The profits will go to making my blog better for everyone so you can see more and more posts!

If you do purchase any of them please do get in contact with me just so I can thank you personally. I have worked really hard on them so please take the time to check them out.

My shop is called BloggingBling.

Detailed Blog Post Planner-

As I am typing this, I am reading this off my plan right now. Check the picture out! Your blog posts can become more detailed and longer which can help your blog grow. Also it reminds you to share it on social media too, if you forget sometimes like me. Bundle- Here Pink/Blue/Peach


Weekly Blog Planner

I write all my blog posts for the week on this so I don’t miss a thing. This has a space for a title, category and notes. Single ones- Blue/Pink/Coral Bundle-Here.


Schedule Your Posts

If I know I am going to be busy for a period of time, I schedule some posts just incase. If I want some days off, but still want to post, I will schedule some posts to keep my blog consistent but to give myself a break.

This definitely helps if you are going away or have a lot of homework/work on your hands.

Have Some Drafts That Are Ready To Post- Just In Case

When I have some spare time, I will write and finish a bunch of posts and I just save them. Therefore, when I am needing to post something but I don’t have a enough time to write a post, I post one of these.

This is a brilliant way to keep your blog consistent.

Bring A Notebook Or Something To Write Down Ideas Whenever You Think Of Them

Personally, I like to either bring a notebook and a pen or my Blog Post Ideas Printable(will be available soon) from my Etsy. If I ever think of an idea, I always prefer to write it down rather than put it in my phone because I remember it’s there more.

I definitely recommend doing this so you don’t run out of ideas one day.

Take Days Off

When I first started blogging, I posted everyday, now I post 5 days a week and it has really improved the quality and organisation of my blog.

Overall, don’t stress and just make sure you follow some of these steps and you’ll become more organised!

Thank you,

BeautySuggests xx.



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20 thoughts on “How I Stay Organised With Blogging + Announcement!

  1. TrainOfThought says:

    I use a bullet journal to keep on top of everything. But planning my blog posts is a MUST! I do it all the time in my journal, and your printables are too cute <3. Back up posts and scheduling are my life savers. But taking a break, is my no.1 tip! AMAZING post!

    Liked by 1 person

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