My Favourite Room Decor- August/September

Hey everyone!

Today’s post is another lifestyle one and I am showing you my top 10 room decor. This is in no particular order.


Marquee Letter Light/Sign

This was actually a gift to me but you can buy these from so many places in different sizes. These add a personal touch to your room as well as adding a touch of light and decoration. I like to keep this on top of my Ikea Alex Drawers next to my makeup brushes and honestly, I LOVE IT.

Fairy Lights

Mine are super cheap from IKEA and they add such a tumblr touch to my room. With my lights off and these on, I love how it looks. You can put these in so many places and it is such an affordable but cute decoration.

& Sign

I got this for my birthday about a year ago from New Look and this adds such a nice touch to my windowsill, especially as it has a hint of colour. I love New Look room decor, it is so cute!

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Rose Gold Plant

This is a fake plant, so it’s no worry to deal with. This is a recent purchase from New Look, so it may still be available. This looks amazing on my desk and honestly, it’s so photogenic. Of course, its copper/rose gold, so I love it.

Live, Laugh, Love Sign

If you like quotes or happiness, then it’s definitely a nice decoration to add to your room. Again, this was a gift but I’m sure there are some similar to it.



These two Yankee candles are so nice. Not only do they smell amazing, but they look amazing too. The quotes are so cute as well. Yankee candles are my favourite candles. These are the scents Lavender Vanilla and Fluffy Towels.

Postcard Bunting

The photo line with tiny pegs is from Urban Outfitters. Instead of putting photos in it, at the moment I have these cute post cards from PaperChase with quotes on them. They are super cheap and add a colourful touch to any room.


White Flowers

The flowers and the plant pot is from Ikea and this is such a sleek decoration to add to any room. It is also super affordable and can go with pretty much any bedroom colours/themes.

Reed Scent Diffuser

My one is the Sparkle one from Next. This makes my room smell amazing and actually it makes my room look and feel more home-like. These last ages and are not that expensive.

A Jar Full Of Quotes

A jar fill with quotes or things to do or things that make you happy is a great decoration and happiness booster. It’s a pinterest-ty type of DIY that I did so maybe you can try it!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed the post!

BeautySuggests xx.



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