How To Generate Blog Post Ideas

Hey everyone!

Todays post is a help for generating blog post ideas. I know sometimes we lack inspiration so I will show you the ways that you can think of some.


For unique ideas, don’t search blog posts into Pinterest, because you may lose readers or not gain as much because you are not coming up with unique or different blog posts.

Search in ‘make up trends’ to test or ‘celebrity make up’ and this can make you think of looks or ways to recreate a look. Pinterest is a brilliant place to look for ideas because there is so much inspiration.

My Pinterest here.

Write Ideas Down To Think Of More

Write down a few ideas that you already have and sometimes this may make you think of blog post ideas. Write them down as well and you may keep going.

Generate From Older Posts

Look at some of your older posts and think of some posts that you can revolve around them. For example, if you did a haul, you could do a haul update or if you did a review/first impression then you can update your followers/subscribers about that product and what you think of it now.

Make Series Of Posts

A series of posts that are related can fill up your ideas for a while. If you were a beauty blogger, an example can be your makeup collection but you can break it up into foundations, concealer and so on.

My Most Used Method

This may only be able to be used for certain blog niches, but I look at my makeup collection and pick up products and sometimes if I pick up a highlighter, it may inspire me to do a blog post about my highlighters.

This doesn’t always work, but it is a brilliant method, especially if you are a beauty or fashion blogger.

Thabk you so much for reading! I hope this has helped!

BeautySuggests xx.


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