Sleek Make Up- Full Brand Review

Hey everyone!

Today’s post is all about sleek makeup. I have tried a handful of their products so I thought I would share what I think of them with you.

The Brand

Sleek is an affordable drugstore brand available to Superdrug and Boots, for the UK anyway. The brand ranges from face to lips and eyes and is at the higher quality end of the cheaper brands.


Most of their products have a sleek, black and matte packaging. This makes the products look and feel more expensive and worth more money. I really like the packaging as it feels more luxury and they have the odd palette or so with amazing, unique packaging, like something I will share with you later on in this post.

Sleek Contour Kit- Light

This is a two-shade contour kit with one contour shade, which is like Benefit Hoola but just warmer. Also, it comes with a highlight shade which is also warm.

The contour shade-

The contour shade is a matte bronze colour with warmer undertones. It is very build-able and can suit any range of light skin tones. It is quite pigmented but not as much as you would find too much. It is really long wearing and creates such a soft contour and bronzed look.

The highlight shade-

This highlight is really beautiful and is really pigmented, which is so nice! It is a pinky toned highlighter but you can go really subtle or really full on with the glow. It is also really long wearing and it goes really nicely with the bronzer.

You also get a mirror in the compact and it is a good size for keeping at home, in your bag or for travelling.

Sleek Eye and Cheek Palette- All Day Soiree

This is an amazing palette for travelling or keeping in your bag. This comes with two blushes and four eyeshadows. You can create a really natural look or a warmer smokey eye with this which I really like. I can just take this on holiday with a few other things and be done!


The two blushes that this comes with are both shimmery and one of them I sometimes use as a highlight as it is the perfect colour and consistency. The other one is the perfect hot pink with gold flecks of shimmer, creating the perfect, glowy flush of colour to your cheeks.


Two of these shades are matte, and they are the most pigmented. The matte brown was used as a contour shade when I forgot my bronzer on holiday one time, it was actually really good! The shimmery colours are not as pigmented but just enough to show up and make a difference.

This palette also has a mirror and it is the perfect, affordable and good quality palette.

Sleek Cream Contour Kit- Light

This is a cream contour kit that comes with 6 colours; three highlight, three contour. They are creamy and matte colours which blend really easily and last really well on the face. If you go wrong, it doesn’t look muddy or cakey which is always a good thing.

Contour shades-

The shades range from a light toned brown to a darker brown colour, which I tend to use more lightly and then blend it in for a more dramatic to a natural look.

Highlight shades-

I don’t tend to use these shades as much because I have a lot more highlighters and these feel a lot like concealers, which is good if you are looking for a bit more coverage. The yellow toned one is great for dark circles under the eyes as this is a correcting colour.

This also has a really big mirror which I love if I am on the go and you get a lot of product for your money.

Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette

This is a beautiful highlighting palette that comes with three powder highlighters and one cream one. The packaging is stunning and the whole palette just is perfect. From the quality of the product to the packaging, this palette will catch your eye!

Powder highlights-

There are three highlighters, one pure and cream toned white, one purple toned and one orange toned. They are really fine and create a really nice glow. You can create a subtle or a really bright glow with these colours.

Cream highlight-

The one included in this palette has a slight bronze tone to it but when applied to the skin, it blends in with my natural skin colour. It is really nice under powder for a natural look or alone for a dramatic look.

This highlighting palette is amazing, especially for the price. I recommend it 100%.

Sleek Blush- Pixie Pink

This blush is a really bright pink colour but only builds up to that colour if you want it to. You can apply a little for a light flush of colour or a lot for a darker colour. These blushes are really long wearing and last ages in the pan. This also comes with a mirror and the compact is really small and travel friendly.

I definitely want to try more of these blushes.

Overall, I love Sleek. Their products are high quality, affordable and definitely worth checking out.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

BeautySuggests xx.

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