Amazing Tinted Lip Balms For The Colder Months

Hey everyone!

Moving into the colder months can mean skin and lips getting dryer. Tinted lip balms are not something that are very popular but they are amazing! Nowadays, there are some tinted lip balms which are absolutely gorgeous from bigger brands like Benefit or Revlon.

These are a handful of my favourites and ones that I wear a lot, especially in the colder months. They can be so pigmented or sheer and lasts ages so it is nice to treat your lips at the same time as looking brilliant!

Benefit Benebalms

If you are looking for something better quality or a bit more luxury, then you should check these out!

They are acaulable in four shades; Benebalm- a sheer red, Lollibalm- a sheer purple shade, Posiebalm- a sheer pink and Cha Cha balm- an orange coral. I have every one apart from Cha Cha balm but I think I may pick this up.

The colour payoff is sheer, so the colour of the actual lipstick looks darker than it actually comes out, which is really good if you don’t want to wear something that is too dark or overpowering. It is really great if you are in a rush and want to easily put on a lip colour quickly and not have to care too much if it looks amazing because the application is so easy and quick.

The scent is so fresh and floral. It is not too over- powering or so you feel like you have just eaten a flower. I really like the scent so I don’t mind wearing it at all. If you hate having scented products then these may not be for you.

These don’t last on the lips for ages but for a tinted lip balm they are really nice.

The packaging is absolutely amazing. I was going to include it in yesterday’s post(Make Up Products Worth Having For The Packaging) but I decided to put it in this one so it wouldn’t be too much. Anyway, the mirrored packaging is stunning with the litte details on it and honestly, I love them so much!

Revlon Lip Butters

I have one shade of these and it is my go- to lip colour a lot of the time in the colder months. There are a lot of shades in this range which are beautiful. I have the shade Strawberry Shortcake which is a beautiful glossy pink colour.

The colour payoff is really pigmented for a lip butter consistency. I really like how bright this light colour is and I really love this for an everyday school lip colour.

This does not haave a strong scent that you can taste which is amazing if you do not like scented products. This lasts for ages and kind of leaves a stain on your lips which is good if you are hoping to wear something all day. Obviously it depends

11 thoughts on “Amazing Tinted Lip Balms For The Colder Months

  1. apageofme02 says:

    I love love love the Revlon lip butters! Candy Cotton is a beautiful colour to try aswell as Strawberry Shortcake – so easy to just pop on and go! I’ve never tried the benebalms… might have to now! X


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