Blush Palettes For £6?

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Today’s post is a review of the Make Up Revolution Blush Palettes. I have two of these and I absolutely love them. They are so affordable and are on offer quite a lot for 3 for 2, which is what I got these two with something else.

They are all £6 each and they do many shades and variations.



Ultra Blush Palette- Hot Spice

This is a higher quality version, or so the packaging looks, of the normal blush palettes. The difference is that it does not have a clear window to see the product but instead it has a huge mirror which is really useful, especially when travelling. The packaging looks more expensive and better quality, but I find the blushes are very similar quality, maybe a bit more pigmented.

This certain palette has two baked blushes and six matte and shimmery blushes.

Here are some swatches:



These colours are so pigmented but not too much so that you have bright pink cheeks.

The colour is really long lasting, which is great from a super cheap blush. The colour range of this palette is great because there is such a variation of colour and also they are warmer tones, great for Autumn especially!

I like to apply these blushes with a soft fluffy brush lightly as otherwise, it could pick up too much pigment.


Blush Palette- Blush Goddess

This is an amazing palette with four baked blushes which are basically amazing highlighters, which I love. Most of these highlighting colours look the same when you see them, but when you swatch them, they all have a different tint of colour to them, which really is beautiful.

There are also four normal textured blushes. I love the colour range in this palette because for a more natural, everyday look, I mix the two bottom colours but for a more dramatic and evening look, I use the end colours. This palette is great for travelling because there is a range of colours, which can suit any look you do. Also the highlighters are an added bonus which you can also use as blush toppers for an extra glow.

Here are some swatches:



These colours are also really pigmented but the darker colour on the right can be too pigmented if you use a normal amount.

I apply these blushes with a soft fluffy brush and I sweep it over my cheeks.


Overall, I love both of these palettes and I think they are both great. Make Up Revolution have a great range of colours and also I love all of their products that I have tried. They are affordable and really great quality.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

BeautySuggests xx.




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