September Favourites- 2016

Hey everyone!

Today’s post is an overview of my September favourites! As I say every month, I cannot believe another month has gone by! This month I have not tried as many new products as I am going shopping soon on a big shopping spree!

Mac Studio Fix Foundation

After changing my foundation from the Estee Lauder Double Wear, I decided to try this foundation again after not getting on with it the first time. I am really loving it at the moment. As it is heading towards the colder months, my skin isn’t oily as it is in the summer, foundations last on my skin a little longer. The finish of this foundation is semi matte and medium-full buildable coverage. I bought a pump for this foundation only because it came in a bottle with a screw on lid but it is definitely worth it. This foundation is affordable for a higher end product and I definitely recommend it!

My shade is NC15.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush

Being part of the core collection from RT, I have had this Brush for a while and all I can say is that is is amazing. It works well with ALL of the foundations I have ever tried, liquid or powder. This is a really versatile brush as you can use it for foundation, cream contour, powder and much more. As part of the core collection with four other brushes, it only works out around £5 per brush when you buy them all together. This brush is so soft and blends everything so easily. Definitely worth the money.

TheBalm Instain Blush

I got this blush as a sample when I bought something from Debenhams. This blush has been featured in many of my blog posts as I love it so much. I will probably purchase the full size when I run out of it as I love the colour and quality so much. This sample has lasted me so long and I still haven’t run out of it yet. This colour is different to any blush I have ever tried as it is a brown toned coral, which is really great for autumn!

Maybelline Master Precise Eyeliner

This may have been mentioned in one of my favourites before but this is honestly the best eyeliner I have ever tried! It is so thin at the tip so it makes it easy to line the upper lash line or do flicks. I have the colour black and it is really jet black, it doesn’t look grey at all. I have had this for a while and I love it more and more every time I use it. It is so long wearing and is so easy to use!
Nyx Wonder Pencil

Being featured in my everyday brow routine, I love this pencil. It reminds me of Benefit’s High Brow. It is a highlighter Pencil that you can use on your lips, brows or as eyeliner to brighten up your eyes. I mostly use this around my brows to lift and shape them. I blend it in with a flat brush. The one that I have is in the shade light and I know that there are other shades available. It is so amazing and I definitely recommend it!

Barry M Mani Mask

I always want to wear nail polish as I think that my nails look better and I’m not as tempted to bite them as I normally would be. My school does not allow nail polish so I decided I would find something that emphasises my natural nails but still looking really natural. I found this and I really like it because it is a very similar colour to my natural nails an dries down to a sheer, semi matte finish so you really can’t tell unless you look closely at my nails. I think that if you always like to be wearing nail polish, definitely give this a try.

Barry M Matte Nail Paint

Also, I have never tried a matte nail polish so I thought I would try a top coat instead of buying separate nail polish. I really like this and makes the nail polish really matte, as well as making the nail polish last longer on my nails. I definitely recommend this as it is so affordable!

Tigi Bed Head After Party

I bought this a while ago after my hairdresser used it on my hair and I fell in love with it. I honestly am shocked at the price for a hair product but it is definitely worth it. You put it on dry hair and then brush your hair through and all flyaways are tamed, your hair is REALLY soft and feels so lightweight! It makes my hair softer than it has ever felt before and it looks so sleek and shiny. I definitely recommend this if you want a luxury hair product that works!

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Hand Food

At the moment, my hands have been really dry. This not only smells so good, but it moisturises so well! I definitely recommend it!

BeautySuggests xx.

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