Rimmel Brow This Way- Amazing Eyebrow Kit For £3.99?

Hey everyone!

Today’s post a review of the Rimmel Brow This Way Eyebrow Wax and Powder. I have been trying this out for a while and I thought I would let you know my honest thoughts.

Before I get into this post, I wanted to inform you that this year in school I am getting so much homework that I have barely any time to do blog posts five days a week, which really upsets me so I am now going to post three days a week. This will be on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday. I hope this is ok!

This eyebrow kit comes with a tinted wax, a tinted powder, a mini spoolie and a mini angled brush which unfortunately I lost as it was so small! I have the shade mid-brown.



I use the wax as it is my perfect shade and is so easy to use. The wax is darker than the powder which is good as there are not many shades available but the colour is definitely build-able. This wax is very long wearing and glides on so smoothly, shaping and filling your brows in. If you prefer creamy products, I think that you will like this as it is not hard to use and comes off easily when mistakes are made.


As I use the wax to draw around and shape my eyebrows, I find that the powder allows me to fill them in more naturally and softly, so there are no harsh or obvious lines. This powder comes off your brows easier but it achieves a more natural look. Even though the powder looks a lot lighter than the wax, it is actually a very similar shade when applied. After filling them in, I like to run the spoolie through them to get rid of any excess powder.


This spoolie is very handy as it is so small so you can brush through separate parts of your brows at different times or your whole brows at once. Despite the fact that it is really handy and convenient being that small, it easily gets lost, just like the brush.


I unfortunately have lost the mini brush that it came with as it was so small but it looks very similar to the one that comes with Benefit’s Brow Zings. It had an angled edge which was really handy but it was annoying because it was very small. However, being this small meant that it was very easy to travel with and you wouldn’t have to bring extra brushes for your brows or worry about where they are.


Overall, I really love this mini eyebrow kit as it is so cheap and you get a lot of product for that small price. Also, the product is so great quality and definitely worth checking it out!

Thank you so much for reading,

BeautySuggests xx.




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