3 Looks With Nyx Smokey Fume Palette

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Today’s post is a tutorial for 3 eyeshadow looks with one super affordable palette! It is amazing, especially for the price. If you have been reading my posts for a while, you will know that I love NYX! It is one of my favourite brands at the drugstore and I will be forever trying more things out from them. This is an eyeshadow palette that I have had for a while and I have been loving it for a while. Here are 3 looks….

This post includes the Beauty Essentials Shadow Switch which was sent to me and I think it’s great. I did a full review of this here.



Natural Smokey

This is a very soft and wearable smokey look that I wear as an everyday look. I recommend pairing any lip colour with this as it is so easy and versatile.

The colours I used were-

Beige, Purple.

Firstly, I applied the nude/beige shadow on my entire lid for a base.
Then I applied the purple colour really lightly into my crease and blended it.


Cool Smokey

This is a bit more of a dramatic smokey eye look that heads more into the evening eyeshadow looks. I really like this as it has cooler tones but the colours aren’t obvious, it just looks like a softer black.

The colours I used were-

Beige, Black, Purple, White.

Firstly, I applied the beige colour to my whole lid as a base.
Then, I dusted the purple into the crease. This colour does not show up that much but it adds a cooler tone.
I added the black into my outer crease and blended.
Lastly I added the white into the centre and the inner portion of my lid.

Throughout this whole look, I only used one brush and the colours did not mix! I used my Beauty Essentials Shadow Switch tool to prevent that.


Soft Blue Look

This is a little bit different to what I would usually wear but I thought that some of you may like this type of blue eyeshadow look.

The colours I used were-

Beige, Blue, White.

Firstly, I applied the nude/beige colour over my entire lid.
Then I applied the blue throughout my whole crease, even the inner part.
Lastly, I blended this out and l added white to the centre and inner corner.IMG_0177.JPG

I really hope you enjoyed these 3 small tutorials with the NYX Smokey Fume Palette, I really recommend it!

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  1. Tosom says:

    I loved the looks! All of them. 😘😘😘😘
    Also, which is the spongey thing you’ve shown in the pics (to wipe off the colour from the brush, I think)????


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