Top 5 Under £5!- Make Up

Hey everyone!

I know how hard it can be to find amazing products in the drugstore, let alone it being under £5! I actually have more products under that price limit than I thought, which surprised me actually. It’s not until you round up all of your products that fall into that category you begin to realise how much of something you may have.

Today I am showing you my top 5 that I have, I hope you enjoy it!

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Rimmel Stay Matte Powder


Also being a favourite of many, this powder is honestly a life saver, especially for oily skin. This powder is definitely comparable to some of the high end ones I have tried, which is amazing for the price. This powder keeps my face mattified for a lot longer than some others which I have tried, I will take that any day! I go through these powders so quickly because I have them in a couple of bags at a time because it is essential for touch ups! I have the shade Peach Glow 003 so it adds to the shade of my foundation. It is affordable, so I really recommend it.

Seventeen Shimmer Brick- Gold Bronze


This is a stunning satin finish bronzer which creates such a beautiful finish. You can sweep on the four colours separately or use them all together, which I prefer. When you mix them together, it creates a shimmery bronze colour which you can dust anywhere around your face to give it a bronze glow. I also occasionally use it on some parts of my body if I need to and it does a wonderful job at making me look a lot more tanned. This really is long wearing and nicely pigmented for the price.

Nyx Wonder Pencil


This is an amazing product which I have used more than I expected. I use it to line around my eyebrows to create a precise look, which is really easy. I also use this to create a precise lip colour as sometimes you accidentally draw over your lips and don’t want to use a wipe to ruin the rest of your makeup. This also lifts your eyebrows as it is a highlighter, which is a great addition to your routine. You can also use it as an eyeliner for your waterline to brighten your eyes. Also it is under £5!

Make Up Revolution Eyeshadow Palettes


These are super affordable and include great quality eyeshadow, which compares to some high end eyeshadows. They are really pigmented and blend really easily, great for anyone from a beginner to pros! They have a huge range of different palettes to choose from, especially for a super affordable drugstore brand! I have the Iconic 2, which is a really nice range of shimmery and matte brown shades, which also includes golds and bronze colours. I really like these palettes and I think they are amazing for £4!

Seventeen Stay Pout Lipstick- Kiss Me Quick


This is a gorgeous lipstick because of the colour and the quality of the actual lipstick itself. It is so long wearing and has a really nice matte finish to it, which really fits in with the trend right now. It is not too drying considering how pigmented and matte it is. I really like the packaging as it is matte black with a striped pattern on it, I think it is a really sleek design which makes it look more high end, even though it is just under £5.

If you have any products that you think are worth trying that are under £5 please let me know in the comments! Thank you for reading, I really hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful.

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