October Favourites 2016

Hey everyone!

I am back from my short break and I am nearly at 1,000 blog followers which is really unreal, thank you so much!

Today I am sharing my October Favourites, to continue my monthly trend, I hope you guys enjoy!


Loreal Colour Riche Matte- Moka Chic


I have very recently purchased this lipstick after being on the lookout for an everyday matte shade. This colour is a perfect everyday Autumnal colour, especially as it is buildable for a darker colour, if you want it to be. This does not dry my lips out as it is a really comfortable and soft matte. When I apply it it feels so creamy and moisturising but it is still a nice matte finish. If you are looking for an affordable matte lipstick, then definitely check this out!


Benefit It’s Potent Eye Cream


A skincare favourite this month is this amazing eye cream. I have been trying this out for a while and gone through a couple of minis, although recently I have been using it more often and I have really seen a difference in the brightness of my under-eyes. I pay £5 for the minis at the little Benefit stands at Boots and it lasts me a long amount of time. This product works really well and is a luxury skincare product worth buying!

Benefit Gimme Brow


Recently I have been trying different products for my brows and different combinations of products to use. I have been trying to use this brow gel first and then fill in the extra gaps. This is because it has fibres which fills in your brows as much as it can but it enhances your natural eyebrows as it is so effortless. After I use this I fill in any sparse gaps with a pencil and I am good to go! There are a great range of colours in this product so you will be sure to find one that suits you!

Estee Lauder Eyelash Primer


I have had this product for a while but I haven’t used it half as much as I am at the moment. This is an eyelash primer which you apply before mascara to make your lashes longer and more voluminous, just like false lashes. This makes a huge difference to how my mascara works as I don’t have to use as many coats, which is great. I really recommend this if you want eyelashes which will stand out from miles, I love it!

Maybelline Colour-Sensational lip liner- Sweet Pink


Recently, I have been lining my lips everyday to have a more accurate application and I have been loving this one! It is not very moisturising but it definitely does a great job at lining my lips, which I am happy with! This colour is very similar to my natural lip colour so I wear this under my lipstick. I don’t spend too much money on lip liners because I go through them so quickly, so I definitely recommend checking this affordable one out.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

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