Winter Skincare Routine!- Blogmas Day 1

Hey everyone!

Today is the first day of Blogmas and I am so excited to be posting everyday from now up until Christmas so there will be lots of winter and Christmas inspired posts, but don’t worry, after Christmas my blogging schedule will stay the same!

I hope you enjoy Blogmas as this is my first year of it, the countdown begins!

To start the Winter off, I will be showing you my Winter skincare routine for oily skin. Not much changes, but some of it does!

Also, most of these products are from Soap and Glory, it’s not sponsored or no products were sent to me!



Face Washes

I use my favourite face washes which I have been using for ages! They are both from Soap and Glory.

The first one I use at night and in the morning. It is the Peaches and Clean Facial Wash. I love the scent of this as it smells like a subtle mint and peach scent, which is lovely. Also, as it is a cleansing milk, it is very moisturising, good for all skin types. I wash my face with this and then wash it off with a warm washcloth. This is a really good cleanser and I highly recommend it!

The next face wash I use is the Soap and Glory Face Soap and Clarity Face Wash. I use this only at night with the other cleanser. This has tiny exfoliating beads which gently exfoliates your skin which is good for the winter especially. This cleanser is more suited towards oily skin but is gentle enough to be used on any skin type. The scent of this is very fresh and I really like it, it is a hard scent to describe, but maybe take a trip to your local Boots and check it out!

Cleansing Brush

The cleansing brush which I use is from Marks and Spencer. It was £22, or around that mark and I think that is a brilliant price for something which you can pay around £100 for! It has two speed settings and you can buy replacement heads when needed, they recommend every couple of months. I only use this once a week at the most in the winter as I find that it can be very drying. I mostly use the first setting in the Winter to minimise the dryness.

I did a full review on this a while ago.



I use one moisturiser every other day, as I have oily skin. I use the Soap and Glory For Daily Youth Moisturiser. This has a really nice scent, it smells like peach, just like the face wash and a little bit of this goes a long way. This is quite thin but definitely does the job well. I would recommend this for any skin type.


Face Mask

There is one face mask which I consistently use, no matter what season it is. It is the Soap and Glory No Clogs Allowed Face mask. If you have dry skin, I don’t think this would suit you but anyone with combination or oily skin then definitely give this a try. It is very intense and heats up and deep cleans the pores, which is good to have once a week and it really makes a difference with my skin.



Lip Care

There are many products which I use on my lips, but I’ll show you my favourites.

Clarins Lip Oil
This is the most intense and amazing lip product I have ever tried, and trust me, I have tried a few! It is very thick so I apply it before I go to bed and then I wake up with soft, plump lips. If you suffer from very dry lips, give this a try.

I have a full review here.

The Body Shop Wild Argan Solid Lp Oil
I apply this under my lipstick and just as an everyday lip balm. It is not as intense as the Clarins one, but it does a really good job at moisturising my lips. I LOVE the scent of this, it is very subtle but is does the job perfectly.

So there is an overview of all the things which I use in the Winter. I hope you enjoyed day 1 of Blogmas and look out for more to come. Thank you for reading!

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    I’d recommend the argon oil for your hair from The Body Shop, works great before washing it to revitalize its moisture x


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