Festive Lipsticks!- Blogmas Day 2

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Today is Blogmas Day 2! If you missed Day 1, it was my Winter Skincare Routine. Today I am sharing my favourite red-toned lipsticks, perfect for the Winter and Christmas time! I am not really a bright red lip person, but most of these are not very bright but some of them, I will wear occasionally.



Maybelline Colour Sensational Matte Lipstick- Scarlet in Siren

I recently got this when I was looking for an affordable red lipstick to wear on special occasions as I did not have any matte ones. This caught my eye because of the sleek, simple packaging so I thought I would try it. This is very, very pigmented. It is the most pigmented lipstick I have, you need the tiniest amount to get your whole lips covered. This is a bright red, so I don’t wear it that often because I prefer more subtle red colours, however, if you prefer brighter colours, then you should definitely check this one out! If you are looking for a long wearing lipstick, this is the one for you! I never have to reapply this whenever I wear it, which is amazing because sometimes it can be very inconvenient and time consuming having to reapply lipstick when you don’t have time.


Maybelline Colour Elixir Red Lip Gloss- Signature Scarlet

Even though matte lips are very popular right now, glosses still deserve some credit! These are my absolute favourite lipglosses, I have four shades! This gloss leaves a red stain on my lips after the glossiness has worn off, which is really good if you like long wearing products, which I know can be very hard to find for glosses. These are scented, so if you do not like scented products, these may not be for you, but I do really like the scent. The packaging of these are stunning, which really made me want to purchase these a while ago. The colour of this is very similar to the lipstick above, quite bright.


Mac Velvet Teddy

This is a favourite of many, probably one of the most loved Mac lipsticks ever. I purchased this a while ago because of all the hype, and I’m glad I did! This isn’t an obvious red colour, but it does have a red tone, perfect for Autumn and Winter. I would suggests this to anyone who doesn’t want to wear red lipsticks, but wants to get something as near as possible. This is a matte lipstick, so it fits with the current trends but can be a little drying for the colder months. However, that isn’t anything a little lip balm cannot solve, right? This is also very long wearing, perfect for everyday or parties.


NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream- Cannes

If you haven’t tried one of these lip products, you should! NYX is my go-to drugstore lip product brand and when it comes to buying unique colours, the range of them is amazing! This is a warm colour, and it isn’t fully red, which is what is so unique about it! If your lips dry out very easily and quickly during the Winter, then you should try these because they are so comfortable to wear and also very long wearing. Liquid lipsticks are also very big right now, so these are perfect!


Benefit Benebalm

If you like to wear sheer colours for an everyday look, I really recommend this! If you like to wear lip balms but still like to wear lipsticks, these are perfect! The sheer finish makes wearing a red lipstick so easy and comfortable, especially for everyday! This balm isn’t that long wearing, but is good for a lip balm. These have a floral scent which is really nice and they moisturise my lips so well. The packaging is gorgeous and always feels luxury whenever I use it! This is not only a nice treat for yourself, it would be really nice for a gift to someone!

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    I have velvet teddy and after reading your blog I think I might buy the Maybelline one because I’m looking for an affordable matte red too!!
    I’m doing blogmas too, check it out if you get the chance 🙂 xx

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